Heirloom jewellery to new treasured possessions

McCaul Goldsmiths jewellery is known for being modern, contemporary and sleek. Using unique stones and incorporating them into beautiful shapes with crisp lines and flowing curves is our speciality and we love creating shapes in metal to compliment the stones we find.

We also love reusing a treasured piece and creating something new and interesting for every individual. Simon and Wiebke came to us with a Ruby and Diamond ring that was an heirloom piece of jewellery. They wanted to use the Rubies from this piece to make a pendant and earrings that display the beautiful cut of the Rubies but also creating a modern look. 

The video below shows the original ring with a view of the back of the ring where the cut of the stones can be seen. To make our Twist pendants and earrings, we start with a platinum or gold bar, as it was in this case, and using age old techniques of forging, we created the delicate twists in the metal with a hammer and anvil. Each piece is created by hand to suit each individual stone, making a perfect pairing between metal and jewel. 

By combining the ancient art of forging, heirloom stones and contemporary design, we are making sustainability in jewellery a possibility. 

Ruby Twist Pendant and Earring set from heirloom jewellery

If you have a piece of jewellery that features stones you adore but find it is a piece you no longer wear, why not give it a new lease of life and reuse your stones or metal to create a piece that will be worn and loved. Get in touch for a chat about this process of making a new heirloom.