January Garnets in a Twist pendant and earrings

The birthstone of January is the Garnet, which is an often overlooked stone, as many assume it is only available in a deep red shade, similar to rubies. In fact, even the name “garnet” is from the 14th century Middle English word “gernet” which means “dark red”. This wonderful stone actually comes in a wide variety of colours, from vibrant tsavorite green that we used recently in a ring, the colour being named as such for the area in Kenya it was originally found, to fiery mandarin oranges, which is the colour we used for this particular Twist pendant and earring set. 

Mandarin Garnet Twist pendant and earring set

Hand forged from 18ct rose gold bar into the delicate and sweeping curved shapes you now see, this pendant and earring set is absolutely a labour of love. You can see in the video below how this set goes from roughly forged shapes, to being bezel set under a microscope and to finally being completed with a sumptuous satin finish, with the edges being burnished to create sparkling highlights, mirroring the glistening stones. 

Elegant and timeless, worn together or separately, these are truly a stunning pendant and earring set and both pieces are available to view in our London Atelier. If you would like to drop by and have a look at these mesmerising beauties in person, please get in touch to make an appointment and we can chat more about this beautiful pairing of stones and gold. They are also available to buy online, if you just can’t wait!