Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Platinum Arris Ring

Garnets can be found in a wide variety of different colours, but one of the most enchanting shades of green can be found in Tsavorite Garnets. Originally discovered in the 1960s in Tanzania and later also found in Kenya, the Tsavorite Garnet gets its colour from trace amounts of Vanadium or Chromium found within the stone.  

Tsavorite garnet and diamond platinum arris ringThis particular Tsavorite Garnet is an exceptionally deep bottle green shade, providing a luxurious feeling to this ring. Set in Platinum and paired with three white diamonds in a gypsy setting style, we hope that Lesley who commissioned this piece, loves it as much as we do. Below is a video of the wax ring with the stones in place, to decide on the layout of the diamonds before it was sent to be set. 


Like each piece in our collection, this bespoke commission was designed, made and set in our atelier. If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke engagement or wedding ring, visit our bespoke page to learn about the process or get in touch for a chat.