Men's wedding rings

Arris Dune textured wedding rings in yellow and white gold

A wedding ring is one of the simplest forms of jewellery, but the one that perhaps holds the most significance. For many men it may be the first and only item of jewellery they wear. Our wedding ring collection includes unique and unusual men's wedding rings, as well as more classic designs. From hammered or carved textured rings, like our Dune wedding rings above, to sleek and simple bi-metal wedding bands we have designs to suit all tastes. You can add your own personal touch to any of our designs by choosing your preferred metal colour, width and texture. We also work with clients to create bespoke men's wedding rings.

Our men's wedding rings are available in 18-carat white, yellow or rose gold or platinum - or a combination of precious metals. 18-carat rose gold or white gold can be more suited to certain skin tones. 18-carat white gold is slightly darker than platinum and has lovely golden tones. Unlike many jewellers, we do not plate our white gold, which means our white gold rings will remain the same colour throughout their life. Often white gold is plated with white rhodium which will wear away over time.

hammered convex mens wedding bands

Textured men's wedding rings make an interesting alternative to a plain band. Our men's wedding ring collection includes hammer textured wedding rings which have a very raw, natural look to them, as well as heavy, hand-carved men's wedding rings deeply engraved with fluid patterns. We also make variations on these to commission and can make matching wedding ring sets for men and women:
Hammer textured wedding men's wedding ring


hand carved gold and platinum men's wedding bands


Different colours of metal can be combined in one ring, this is called a bi-metal or mixed metal wedding ring. This technique can be used to great effect by pairing contrasting metals, either side by side or using contrasting colours of gold inside and outside of a ring.
mixed metal men's wedding rings


Mens rose and white gold mixed metal wedding band


The rings below are our Mobius wedding rings, which are new to our collection. These asymmetric wedding rings for men and women are based on the Mobius loop. Mobius wedding rings are available in 18-carat white, yellow and rose gold or platinum from our collection.

18ct yellow gold men's Mobius wedding ring with 18ct rose gold ladies' wedding ring


We also work with clients to create more individual or unusual bespoke men's wedding rings which we make to commission. Get in touch to find out more about the process. The rings below are examples of some more unusual men's wedding rings commissioned by clients. The first is a hand-carved 18-yellow gold men's ring, the second is a hand-forged 18-carat rose gold open ring. Browse our journal to see more of our commissions.
hand carved gold men's wedding ring
Men's rose gold bespoke alternative wedding band