Recycled gold ring commission

We have just finished a ring for a local resident here on Exmouth Market. She asked us to make her a gold ‘Open Loop’ ring, but with a twist; it was to be made using recycled gold from her grandparents’ wedding rings. Reworking jewellery is not something we often do but the story behind this commission really appealed to us and so we recorded the process to show the transformation from two rings into one.

The two 14ct gold wedding rings were placed together into a crucible. Using a torch we heated the rings and crucible until the gold was molten before pouring it into an ingot mould. The ingot (gold bar) formed was then formed into wire gradually, first by using a rolling mill, then by drawing it through a round draw plate into round wire.

The wire was then bent to form the two halves of the ring which were then soldered together to create a smooth, continuous open loop.

bending a ring from round wire

making a gold wedding ring

It's such a pleasure to watch the transformation take place in a commission like this and to know that the finished ring will hold such significance for it's wearer.

If you are interested in commissioning a ring visit our bespoke page or contact us to find out more. View the 18-carat gold wire ring this is based on in our collection.