Paraiba tourmaline and 18 carat gold Twist rings

Paraiba tourmaline Twist rings in yellow and rose gold

Two new Paraiba tourmaline Twist rings for our collection, each set with a bright blue-green tourmaline. These elegant and minimal rings are hand-forged from square gold bar, which contrasts with the smooth, rounded cabochon stones. A continuous curve of forged gold creates an open bezel setting for each gem. The distinctive neon blue-green colour of Paraiba tourmaline works beautifully with yellow or rose gold as well as white metals. The Paraiba rings seen here are made from 18 carat rose gold (left) and 18 carat yellow gold (right).

Rose gold and paraiba tourmaline Twist ring

Twist rings are forged by hand. This is a technique we use throughout our collections as a way of tapering and forming metal. Metal is carefully worked with a hammer to change its shape, thickness, or create graceful curves. The process of hammering hardens metal, which means hand forged jewellery can seem lightweight and delicate, yet is exceptionally strong and durable.

Forged 18ct yellow gold and paraiba tourmaline Twist ring

The beauty of the Twist ring lies in its simplicity. It’s clean lines and graceful, curved design focus full attention on the gemstone. The open-sided bezel exposes more of the Paraiba tourmaline to view and allows light in, showing off the beauty of the gem.

The Twist ring can be made with round, pear and oval gemstones. We like to experiment with our designs and have made versions of the Twist ring with straight, square bands, such as the rings seen here, some with tails that taper into a delicate flick. The design can be adapted to create dress rings, engagement rings or large statement cocktail rings.

Forged rose gold and paraiba tourmaline Twist ring