Carved yellow gold Arris ring with green tourmaline

Carved yellow gold and green tourmaline cocktail ring

This sculptural tourmaline and yellow gold cocktail ring is the newest in our Arris ring series and is available to buy from our collection. Carved entirely by hand, this unique statement ring combines brushed yellow gold with a long, green baguette tourmaline. A chequerboard of facets on the stone's upper surface glitter as they catch the light. The ring's outer surfaces are brushed to a satin finish, which emphasises the softly sculpted angles and enhances the colour of the metal.

Green and gold combine beautifully and this ring shows just how well they can work together. Warm yellow gold compliments the green tourmaline’s colour, which fades from pale apple green at one end to deep green at the other.

The ring has been carved by hand and is one-of-a-kind. Its sculpted gold form is designed to be appreciated from all angles, with equal care and attention given to carving the back and sides of the ring as to the top.

Carved yellow gold and green baguette tourmaline cocktail ring

Each of our carved Arris rings is one-of-a-kind and combines a sumptuously coloured gem with generous amounts of sculpted 18 carat gold. They are designed to last for generations and we hope they will become future heirlooms. To find out about commissioning your own Arris ring visit our bespoke page. If you’re tempted to try this one on visit our store to see it or buy directly from our online collection.